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Legendary Broadcaster, announcer and racer Jack Arute joins the boys of Speed Talk this week. Jack talks about coming to Fort Wayne for the Rumble, racing, career and many other topics of racing. Tony Barhorst president of the Rumble Series talks about the Rumble and how to get tickets. Cliff Tanner, Kenny Barr, Tom Wold Mike McIntyre, the Silent Ninja, Dave Muzillo and Kevin Allgire atre in the studio this week. We all wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you all for your support.

Dean Jones joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. Dean tells us about his days in racing around Fort Wayne to NASCAR country and some of his experiences. Cliff Kenny Tom Mac and the Silent Ninja talk NASCAR, The great Sickness of 2014, Johanna Long and the Snowball Derby. Kenny gives us a great Do You Know about tracks across the country.

Sickness and Business hits the Speed Talk Crew this week. Enjoy a Speed Talk Best Of Show

Reece O'Conner with Kokomo Motor Speedway joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. He gives us all the details of taking care and preparing a dirt track. Cliff Kenny Tom Mac and the Silent Ninja talk about racing and some of the  crazy and cool things we have seen in racing. We will continue the discussion next week. 

Ben Smith Freelance Writer and former sports writer for the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette joins the Speed Talk Crew and talk about NASCAR Chase and the championship. Scott Menlen with Midwest Indoor Racing League talks about the Thanksgiving Weekend show. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja talk about Championship Weekend with NASCAR and NHRA. We also discuss our thoughts on the new Chase format and congrats to Kevin Harvick the 2014 Sprint Cup Champion. Congrats to Andrew who won this week's trivia contest.

Cliff Tanner, Kenny Barr, Tom Wolf, Mac McIntyre and the Semi Silent Ninja talk NASCAR and NHRA. The crew talks Phoenix and setting up of the Final 4 for the Sprint Cup Champion to be crowned in Homestead. Also the guys preview Homestead and the NHRA final in Ponoma. Also check out the trivia question and the contest for theme songs for drivers. Had some great responses

Matt Weaver with Popular Speed joins the Speed Talk Crew. Matt had the opportunity to be in the middle of the Texas melee between Gordon and Keselowski and he tells us all about it. He also touches on short track racing. Dave Muzzillo of the Top Speed Modified Racing Series sat in for Kenny Barr tonight. He talked about the series and what a  promoter has to do to get ready for the racing season. Cliff, Dave, Tom and Mac talk about the NASCAR/WWE fiasco and the stories and fines that went with it.

Dale Creasy Jr. NHRA Funny Car river joins the Speed Talk crew. He talks about his year in the NHRA as well other facets of the Drag Racing series. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja talk about NASCAR, Ryan Newman and other NASCAR and NHRA news. Kenny brings us a Do You Know remembering a Fort Wayne native who made it to the big leagues.

Tim Frost, publisher of The National Speedway Directory joins the Speed Talk Crew. Tim discusses the book as well speedway business. Tim also touches on Track Business Seminars. Is NASCAR rigged? Hear what Cliff, Kenny, Tom, MAc and the Silent Ninja have to say about it. We also talk The Chase, 'Dega and NHRA news. Kenny talks Warsaw Speedway in Do You Know.

Back to back Winchester 400 winner Eric Jones joins the Speed Talk Crew. Eric talks about his win and his schedule for the rest of the year. 2014 Top Speed Modified Champion Chad Poole talks about his championship season. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and Silent Ninja talk about the WWE/NASCAR fiasco or Saturday nights were made for fighting. Local and regional racing as well 

Eric Saunders joins Speed Talk. Eric discusses his first win in the 600 CC sprint car. He also talks about the adversities to get there. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja talk NASCAR and F1 racing news. Kenny does Do You Know.

Glenn Luckett with the CRA joins the Speed Talk Crew. Glenn talks about the year and preview of 2015. Tom is on vacation but calls in to talk about the Chase. Cliff Kenny and Mac talk NASCAR, local racing and the Tony Stewart press conference. Kenny does a Do You Know about Dayton Speedway. 

Jessica Sroufe joins the Speed Talk Crew. She talks about racing at Montpelier Speedway as well as her racing career Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss the Tony Stewart Grand Jury decision and all the news and reports that came with it. The guys talk NASCAR and NHRA, Kenny begins the slow season with a new Do You Know.

Steve Minnich Sr. stops by the studio with the Speed Talk Crew to talk some racing. We discuss Steve's year as a crew chief, tech, car set ups and ways to make the car go faster. We also discuss what promoters can do to get more people in the stands as well as keeping it safe for all competitors and fans. We also talk about the first race of the Chase. Kenny and Tom discuss a shortened Chasin' Racin' Hard to believe the season is almost over.

Keith Beeching and Irish Saunders join the Speed Talk Crew to discuss racing. They also talk about the big show coming up in October at Plymouth Motor Speedway. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja discuss all facets of racing including local and regiona. Tom and Kenny tell us about Chasin' Racin'

Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja talk about all facets of racing. We discuss NASCAR, IRL, NHRA and Winchester. Kenny and Tom do Chasin' Racin'

Cruz Pendregon joins the Speed Talk Crew to talk about the Chevy Performance US Nationals. Cruz also discusses what it is like to be Crew Chief, Tuner, Owner and Driver. Cliff, Kenny, Tom Mac and the Silent Ninja discuss NHRA, NASCAR and IRl . Kenny and Tom tell us about Chasin' Racin'

Milka Dunno joins the Speed Talk Crew to talk about her limited ride in the Nationwide Series. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss all facets of racing including NASCAR and IRL. Don' forget about Chasin' Racin'

Speed Talk Extra MIS Stye. Cliff Kenny and Tom interview Michael Annett, Tyler young, Michelle Grinnell from Pure Michigan, Jennifer Jo Cobb and Jeb Burton.

Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac cover some racing news. We talk about NASCAR, IRL, NHRA, Nationwide, Chase Elliot, Shirley Muldowney, John Force and Milka Dunno. Kenny and Tom talk Chasin' Racin'

Wes Parrish with Angola Motorsport Speedway joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. Wes discusses the decision of the lawsuit against Williams Grove Speedway. He also talks about the happenings at Angola. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss all racing's happenings. Don't forget to check out the latest Chasin' Racin'.

Ben Smith Sports Writer with the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. Ben wrote an article on the closing of local short tracks. Ben talks about the issue of the closings and previews the upcoming weekend at the Brickyard. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss IRL, NHRA, Nationwide and the Williams Grove Speedway. Also check out this week's Chasin' Racin'. 

Eric Jones of KBM and Driver of the 51 Camping World Truck talks to the crew about his recent win at Iowa this past Friday. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss the hot news of a driver filing a lawsuit against a race track. The driver is suing for 6 million dollars. Here what the guys and listeners had to say about the subject. The infamous Chasin' Racin' has some excitement.

Bill Venturinnin Sr. Joins the Speed Talk Gang fro Winchester Speedway to talk about their driver development program. Cliif Kenny Tom and Mac discuss NASCAR NHRA ARCA IRL F1 local and regional racing. Also send thoughts and prayers out to the Larry Vandall family as he lost his battle with cancer. Also check out Chasin' Racin'

Speed Talk Extra Winchester Speedway Edition! Finish up the day with interviews with Bill Venturinni Sr., Chad Poole, Jon Wes Townley and to finish the day Merle Bettenhausen.

Speed Talk Extra Winchester Speedway Edition! Part 1 Interviews include Al Blixt, Justin Boston, Cody Coughlin and JJ Haley for the second time.

The time is here Race Fans!!!!!! Speed Talk goes live Wednesday July 2nd at 8 PM at ESPN RADIO 1067 FM. It is 106.7 on the FM dial. IF you are out of the listening area you can listen on the Tune in Radio app. We will be accepting calls and texts as well Facebook comments and questions as well as Twitter. Phone number will be 260-447-8500. Test to 46862 and put ST in the message so we know it is for Speed Talk. If you don't want to call or text contact each of us at Twitter. Kenny Barr @Kenny Barr 52, Mike McIntyre @racermacESPN and Cliff Tanner @radiospeedtalk2, You can also post comments or questions at Facebook.com/radiospeedtalk. We will be discussing Dirt Vs. Asphalt. Call in and give us your opinion. Again you can catch the show anywhere on the Tune In Radio App.The show airs Wednesdays at 8 PM EST. Give us a shout.
Now with all of that beings said we have a couple of rules when calling in. obviously it is a family show and live so keep it clean. The number two and most important rules is; IN NO WAY is this or will this be a format to complain about the management or the running of the tracks you race at. No matter what Speed Talk will always support all tracks in your area. This is for guys who want to promote themselves, classes that you race and just want to give your opinion on the topic at hand. Thank you all for your support. Enjoy the new format and give us a shout. This show is for you the racing community. Thank you for understanding.

This week on Speed Talk we have JJ Haley from Winimac talking about his third place ARCA finish. JJ also talks some on his racing career. Cliff Kenny Tom Mac and the Semi-Silent Ninja talk NASCAR, NHRA local and regional racing. Also catch Casin' Racin' from Kenny and Tom.

Spencer Gallagher joins the Speed Talk crew all the way from Michigan International Speedway talking ARCA racing. CLiff, Kenny, Tom and Mac talk ARCA, NASCAR, NHRA, regional and local racing. They guys talk about the great upcoming news on July 2nd for Speed Talk. Kenny talk Chasin' Racin'

Finally up on the net. Michigan International Speedway Speed Talk Extra. Some great interviews.
Casy Mears. Sprint driver
Spencer Gallagher ARCA driver.
Mike Corrigan  Corrigan Oil CEO
Reed Sorenson Sprint driver
Jay Farner Quicken Loans CEO
Jon Wes Townley Camping World Truck and ARCA driver
Enjoy this episode of Speed Talk Extra MIS style

Erik Joins joins Speed Talk. Erik talks about the truck race in Texas and late model win in Milwaukee. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac talk NASCAR, IRL, ARCA, Local and Regional racing. Check out Chasin' Racin' the segment that gives you something to do.
Also check out the Special Announcement made by Cliff.

Good friend of Speed Talk and president of Michigan International Speedway Roger Curtis joins the crew this week. Cliff, Kenny Tom and Mac talk NASCAR, NHRA, IRL, local and regional racing. Also check out the segment Casin' Racin'

Kent Sterling joins the Speed Talk Crew. Kent talks Indy 500 and about his article 'Five Ways to Save the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. Mark Nelson a Fort Wayne Firefighter and Safety Personnel at Indianapolis Motor Speedway joins the guys. Mark discusses the point of view of the race right from the track. Mark also talks safety at the track. Cliff Kenny Tom and Mac talk the Indy 500 and other racing events.
Don't for get to check out Speed Talk Extra as the guys also cover the 100th woman to win an NHRA Event as well as other NHRA news. Also talk about the Coca Cola 600 and other NASCAR news as well as the Nationwide race.

Thank you to all of you who have served or is currently serving. Joining us from Fort Hood we have Chris Poeppel a current service man. Chris talks some racing with us. Cliff, Kenny, Tom. Mac and yes even the Silent Ninja preview the Indianapolis 500. We talk ARCA, IRL, NHRA, NASCAR, NAtionwide, Camping Truck Series and other types of racing. Kenny gives us the latest on Chasin' Racin'. Take the time and shake the hand of a Vet or current service member. Be safe Fans!!!!!

Ben Smith Sports Writer with the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. We discuss the first Indy Gran Prix and preview the coming days of the Indianapolis 500. Cliff Tanner, Kenny Barr, Tom Wolf and Mac McIntyre talk NASCAR, NHRA history and IRL. Kenny does Do You Know and Chasin Racin. Rebecca Demartino is named our Speed Talk Junkie of the Week. Please take the time to help her out. Read the text in the box and pleas feel free to help her through her journey. 

Merl Bettenhausen starts off the month of May with the Speed Talk Crew. Merl discusses Indy 500, family, personal and all around racing history. Merl also discusses his volunteer work with Veterans at the V.A. Hospital. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac talk NASCAR at Talledega. Kenny does another segment Chasin' Racin'  For those of you who are new this segment gives you all the options and shows at local and regional tracks around the area.

Roger Curtis President of Michigan International Speedway joins the Speed Talk Crew. We discuss the upcoming June race as well as tire testing at the track and what he thinks of the season so far. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss IRL, NASCAR, Nationwide. NHRA, locan and regional racing. Kenny starts his new segment 'Chasin Racin'. The segment will let you know what great track you can cathc a great race around the region.

Scott Coe 2013 Modified Champion from Baer Field Speedway, Glenn Luckett with the CRA and Wes Parrish Promoter from Angola Motorsport Speedway come on the show to talk local racing. Check out the April 26th show out at Angola Motorsport Speedway this Saturday as they promote and host Heroes Night. Cliff. Kenny. Tom and Mac talk about how they got involved with Speed Talk and it's birth and their back grounds. You asked for a local show and now youhave one.

Jordan Bianchi a NASCAR Beat Writer joins the Speed Talk Boys this week. He talks and we discuss the Sprint Cup Drivers coming down to race in the Nationwide Series. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac talk IRL, NHRA and NASCAR. We also make a surprise announcement concerning our Speed Talk Junkie of the week returning.

Randy Simpson with Lucas Oil Raceway in Indianapolis comes on with the Speed Talk Crew. Randy talks about all the great happenings at the track this year. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac discuss F1, NHRA, NASCAR and the big show at Lucas Oil this past weekend. 

Leilani Munter joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. She talks about her racing career, ARCA, the environment and Daytona and the upcoming Talledega race. Cliff, Kenny and Mac discuss NASCAR, IRL, NHRA and an array of racing news. We also read a rebuttal article on the media's handling of the death of a 15 year old racer.

Scotty Van Hawk from Four Feathers Racing joins the Speed Talk crew in the studio to talk AMA racing and other aspects of Motorcycle racing. Cruz Pedregon from the Funny Car division of th NHRA talks about his year so far in 2014. Cruz also receives an invitation from Scotty to race an AMA bike. Cliff, Kenny, Tom and Mac talk the tragedy of a 15 year old racer losing her life and the safety that needs to take place in the racing world. We also cover NASCAR at Fontana as well as an array of topics.

Speed Talk Extra from the North Eastern Racing Museum Expo and Swap Meet. We have Matt Swander from Angola Motorsport Park. Jr. Curtis talks about his racing days and how restoring old race cars is his passion. To finish it all off we have Irish Saunders from Hoosier Tire, Keith Beeching from Plymouth Speedway and Kenny Barr unplugged. Enjoy. Also make sure you support the North Eastern Racing Museum. Thank to all of you that makes this happen.

On Speed Talk we have Bob Frick of Limaland Speedway in Lima, OH. bob talks about this upcoming season and the track's relationship with UNOH. The father and son duo, Brian Van Cleave Sr. and Brian Van Cleave Jr. They talk about their World cart racing they do. Cliff, Kenny, To, and Mac discuss Gary Bettenhausen and his career, Bristol, Danica's crash test, NHRA and Do You Know.

This week we have a couple of guys under the weather. Cliff, Kenny Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja voted on our two best interviews for a Best Of Speed Talk show. We have NASCAR and local driver David Stremme talking about the Short Track Seminar to help local and regional racing. Also Legendary Funny Car Champion with NHRA John Force discuss his 2013 season and championship as well as the young 2014 season. Enjoy and we will see you next week.

Speed Talk Daytona 500 Challenge winner Braedon Scherschel talks about his winning picks. Braedon also reveals his plan to enter the racing field. Cliff Kenny Tom and Mac talk Phoenix and the female pioneers of the NHRA.

Steve Minnich Sr. makes another appearance with Cliff Kenny Tom and Mac. We talk Daytona 500 and the keys to wining for Dale Earnhardt Jr. The gang discusses the new formats and the happenings of the Daytona Speed Week. 

Robert Hight driver of the AAA Funny Car and Force Racing Joins the Speed Talk Crew. Top Speed Modified Series Champion Tim Burkett talks about his 2013 season and previews 2014. Cliff Kenny Tom Mac and the Silent Ninja discuss the Sprint Unlimited, Daytona 500 qualifying and the pole sitter Austin Dillon on the #3. Kenny gives us a trivia test on the Daytona 500.

John Force joins the Speed Talk Crew to talk about his sweep in the Winter National. He also talks about his record setting week. Cliff, Kenny, Tom, Mac and the Silent Ninja discuss the NASCAR penalty changes, what The King said and the NHRA results. 

Courtney Force Funny Car NHRA driver joins the boys to talk about 2013 and preview 2014. We also get a little insight on dad John. Erik Jones come on to talk about his recent signing with KBM in the Camping World Truck Series. Cliff Kenny and Mac discuss the new Chase Format and qualifying. Also Kenny announces the new Speed Talk Contest.

Brittany Force joins the Speed Talk Crew this week. The Silent Ninja breaks his radio silence. Cliff, Kenny and Tom discuss the 24 Hours of Daytona. Ooops the Rolex. Also hear what the guys have to say about the qualifying format in NASCAR.

David Stremme NASCAR driver and local and regional short track racer joins Speed Talk to discusses his Short Track Seminar. This seminar was designed for track promoters and owners get together to get new ideas to bring more excitement to local racing in your areas. Keith Beeching race director of Winchester Speedway and Plymouth Speedway comes on to give his take of the seminar. He also discusses the upcoming seasons of both tracks. Irish Saunders of Hoosier Tire finishes the show with his take on the short trackseminar. If you are a short tracker you need to check out this show.
Shane Mugavin Director of the Summit Racing Equipment American Modified Series talks dirt racing. Marcus Method Jr. Driver in the Street Stock Division at Baer Field Speedway are this week's guest. Cliff, Kenny and Mac talk Daytona testing and Top Ten Drivers of all Time who never won a NASCAR Championship. Don't forget Do You Know with Kenny.

The Blizzard of 2014 has delayed the first show of 2014 for Speed Talk. Cliff Tanner, Kenny Barr and Tom Wolf has decided to put up the show from 8-20-14 featuring Legendary Sports Caster Bob Jenkins. Be safe and stay warm. See you next week.

Race Fans who are NFL Fans as well Cliff Tanner hosted a Sports Round Table show about the NFL Playoffs. I thought you might enjoy. We will have the first new show of the year coming on Wednesday.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Speed Talk Crew--Cliff Tanner, Kenny Barr, Tom Wolf and the Silent Ninja. We will be taking a week off to be with our families we will be back the first week of January. Meanwhile check out any of the past shows until we return. Thank you all for your support through the years. We are looking forward to a better 2014. Be Safe.

Tom Barhorst joins the crew to talk about The Rumble in Fort Wayne coming to the Allen County Memorial Coliseum on December 27 and 28. Irish Saunders from Hoosier Tires talks all aspects of racing and racing tires. Cliff Kenny and Tom discuss the top racing stories of 2013.

Hurryin' Hank Lower talks with the crew about his retirement and racing career. Jeff Cox from Tobacco Road Speedway talks about his racing series. Cliff Kenny and Tom talk about IRL and NASCAR

Bob Tasca III Funny Car Driver with the NHRA Funny Car Division talks about Organ Donors and preview of his 2014 season. Erik Jones talks about his back to back Snowball Derby win. Cliff Kenny and Tom talk about racing news. Do You Know is all about the Milwaukee Mile

Thoughts and prayers go out the the Cook family as Hall of Fame driver All Cook Jr. lost his battle with cancer.

Dave Muzzillo owner and operator of Top Speed Modified Series joins the Speed Talk gang. Also Wes Parrish General Manager and Promoter of Angola Motorsport Speedway gives a preview of the 2014 season. We also talk racing and finish up the series; How to Store Your Race Car for the Winter.

Erik Jones joins the Speed Talk to discuss his first NASCAR win. Cliff, Kenny and Tom discuss their thoughts on the year's past racing series. Don't miss part three of Do You Know's How to winterize your race car.

Surprise guest Stephanie Bigelow joins the Speed Talk Crew. Stephanie is both a regional racer and PR person for Erik Jones. Hear what Stephanie says about Donavan McNabb's comments on racer car drivers not being athletes. Also Cliff Kenny Tom and the Silent Ninja debate on whether Jimmie Johnson is now one of the greatest racers in NASCAR History.

Mike Ratel, Director of the documentary on Huntington's Disease and the United States Lawn Mower Racing Association. Learn about 'On Your Mark Get Set Mow'. Cliff, Kenny and Tom talk Trevor Bayne and the rest of the week's racing action. Part two of Do You Know on storing your race car.

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